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Nestor Smirnov
Nestor Smirnov

American English Babylon Human Voice

my research attempts to answer the question of what kind of language would have constituted an ideal language for a humanist scholar in the ancient mesopotamian world. i have conducted a linguistic analysis of words from as early as the sumerian writing system, the pictographic language used during the first 3,000 years of mesopotamian history, up to the neo-assyrian cuneiform language which still stands in use today. i have also conducted a sociolinguistic analysis of the way these people spoke, how they communicated and how they used language. my overall thesis is that ancient mesopotamian people adhered to a set of beliefs about the creation of their language that echoed modern linguistics, but that their language was quite different from modern english. this thesis focuses on the core aspects of such beliefs. to start, we will cover a basic introduction to the characteristics of the sumerian language. we will then explore how the sumerian language is used and modified. we will then look at the table of contents of a sumerian literature document called a cuneiform tablet. finally, we will look at how ideas about the origin of language were expressed in the texts of the sumerians, including the gilgamesh epic, an ancient mesopotamian poem.

American English Babylon Human Voice

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the assumption of western scholars has been that the babylonians were a conservative race, but this should not be read from an insular perspective. i have learned from the babylonian literature that the babylonians were quite flexible and had a well-developed sense of change and innovation. one of the issues in the babylonian literature where the babylonians seemed quite progressive is in their ability to use and modifiy language. it is also important to note that their literature was not written to be read by one person, but rather was shared with the people to be used in education and to teach morals. this idea of education was quite progressive, as it is still used by the assyrians even in modern times.


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