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Eventually, Sheldon discovers that Mendoza does, indeed, have control of WMDs, and with San Esperito lost to his control, the president is forced to retreat to his private island just off the mainland. To stop him from using the weapons, Sheldon and Kane fly Rico to the island, causing Mendoza to attempt an escape by jet. However, Rico boards the jet and kills Mendoza and his remaining bodyguards, ending his reign over the islands and allowing the Agency to secure the WMDs.[5]

Just Cause PSN


Many story missions take the form of escort missions involving NPCs. In several instances I met with failure, not due to my mistake, but because NPC AI simply broke down, and caused mission failure, no matter how hard I fought.

Rodriguez can also call on supply drops at any time that will give him access to anything from a tank to a fighter jet. But these are just the icing on top of the many tools the protagonist has at his disposal at any given moment.

Just Cause 3 isn't a great game, if you think playing a game is just following the intended structure and cycles of tasks presented to you. It's a blast as a big dumb playground, though, and that's really the most important part of almost any open-world game. It recaptures the appeal of mindless violence and exploitable physics of Just Cause 2, and even reminds me of the great fun of Red Faction: Guerrilla (though with far fewer destructible objects than that game, even more of a sleeper hit than Just Cause 2). If you find yourself running around and seeing what you can blow up and who you can kill in every open-world game you try, Just Cause 3 will keep you entertained.

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The music here was particularly memorable as the vivid electronic synthesizer made me feel as if I was in a Hollywood action movie, escaping from my enemy. This synthesized music pops up a few more times and feels just as awesome as the first.

Solis is also enjoyable to traverse and interact with. Wingsuiting feels great and pulling myself just over a hill, narrowly missing the ground to find a beautiful view over the edge was immensely satisfying. The addition of wind currents also gave me more control over Rico and what he can do whilst in the air.

The B-movie type plot shoots for a James Bond under-cover agent style motive that attempts to justify the gameplay's chaos. As ridiculously voiced Rico Rodriguez, you'll work for the "Agency" (sigh), helping to track down missing American Tom Sheldon in the serene island landscape of Panau. Along the way, Rico becomes entangled with numerous military rebel groups, each of which will provide you with more than enough to do on the island of Panau.

Just Cause 2's biggest gimmick comes in the form of Rico's grappling hook. To call it a gimmick is perhaps an injustice however. This is essential to the experience. Not only does it allow for numerous fun tricks in combat (stringing up enemies, pulling them from towers, attaching them to gas canisters), it also provides an excellent platforming mechanic. You're able to scale the game's biggest sky-scrapers in seconds thanks to the way the grappling hook controls. There's a learning curve to using it, but once it clicks, the world suddenly becomes so accessible. Factor in the parachute, and you're essentially privy to a better travel system than the game's vehicles. And a guaranteed more fun method too.

It's not often a multiplatform game stands a chance of becoming one of the best games visually available, but Just Cause 2 is definitely one of the PS3's best looking games to date. The world is just ridiculously detailed, which is staggering considering its size. Whether you're viewing amazingly complex vistas from the top of a mountain, or you're close and personal in a jungle, the game's staggering graphics never fail to please. This really is one of the best looking games on the PS3. A technical masterpiece.

The description "gamey" in a derogatory sense has always bemused us. But it fits Just Cause 2 so heavily. There are so many choices that could have been made here in order to make the experience that much more fun without compromising the game. Why do we keep running out of ammo? Why do piles and piles of guards keep chasing us just because we're having fun? Are we not supposed to have fun? Is that what you're trying to say, Avalanche? It's about time sandbox games stopped limiting their freedom with real basic design errors.

Just Cause 2 has the worst voice acting in a video game ever. There's a case for Shenmue 2 and Resident Evil, but no, we're not having it. This is horrific. We get that the game's going for a B-movie vibe, but terrible voice acting is not the way to achieve it. Nor is bad writing. You need to be conscious to be funny, and Just Cause 2 is just straight up annoying rather than comical.

Rico Rodriguez is back! After liberating the small Island of San Esperito, the CIA-agent is on his way to the island paradise Panau to find a former colleague: Agent Tom Sheldon. During an undercover-investigation, he vanishes and with him two million dollars. Money, the Agency desperately wants back, especially as they believe that Tom changed sides. So Rico has to infiltrate the criminal organisations of Panau as Scorpio to flush out Tom Sheldon and bring him to justice while plunging the country into chaos - but that's more of a bonus than a real objective...

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