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[S7E15] A Thin Line

Agent Morgan: Nothing about that house says rob me. Beat up eight-year old minivan in the driveway, there's nothing fancy inside to get.Agent Rossi: Violent hardcore burglars don't pick random targets, so why these homes? These people, they're terrified. Half of them are moving, the other half are joining neighborhood watch. Morgan: Well can you blame them?Rossi: This whole community's going to be on edge until we catch these guys.

[S7E15] A Thin Line

  • A Thin LineA family annihilator in California turns out to be a brainwashed kid trying to start a race war on behalf of a politician who actually just wants housing prices down so he can buy prime real estate for cheap.Tropes Acquired Poison Immunity: One of the UnSub's would-be victims is able to escape due to him being a recovering addict, which meant that the drugs used on him wore off quicker.

  • Every One Has Standards: Preston may see African Americans and Latinos as criminals and those who should be removed to decrease crime rates, but he does acknowledge not all of them are the same, and tells Derek he wishes there are more hard-working people like him. It's too You Are a Credit to Your Race to appease Morgan.

  • False Flag Operation: The UnSub's Modus Operandi is to kill whole families, leave a Black or Latino he had drugged and killed earlier at the scene, and stage everything to look like a break-in Gone Horribly Wrong.

  • Just a Flesh Wound: Emily gets shot, but assures everyone that she's fine. Justified in that she was wearing a bulletproof vest and appears to have been shot in the arm, and presumably had medical attention only minutes afterwards.

  • Mistaken for Racist: It at first looks like the UnSub is motivated by racism, which is only half true.

  • Subverted with Preston, who is racist, but his agenda is only superficially related to that. He convinces the UnSub to murder families to support his race war, but in the end he has no race war and just wants to decrease housing prices so he can buy for cheap and sell for a profit.

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