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Literary Devices In The Poem Miracles By Walt Whitman [TOP]

In the city, the poet sees people on thestreets of Manhattan or when he himself walks on the streets, all this are miracles to him and when he looks over the roofs of houses towards the sky, there as well, he sees miracles.As of nature, the poet finds a lot of miracles: Trees in the woods, honeybees moving around the hive, animals feeding in the fields, sunset. the thin curve of spring moon and bright stars are natural miracles to the poet.He moves from one miracle to another with an expression of joy and wonder. Though he equally finds joy in each one of them yet he finds each one distinct from others and having its own identity.Question No.3 What are man-made miracles enlisted in the poem?

Literary Devices In The Poem Miracles By Walt Whitman [TOP]

"Your analysis of Whitman's poem is well-organized and does a good job of advancing the argument using quotations and literary devices. This is overall a well crafted close read that engages with the ideas and style. My first main recommendation is to make sure your conclusion is not simply repeating the introduction ("there are parts of life that you must..."). While you will reinforce and reiterate ideas from the introduction, you do not want to outright repeat phrases and sentences: this can give the effect that nothing has been advanced since the introduction. Instead, remember that you have shared evidence and ideas with your reader. They have a new understanding of the ideas: the language of the conclusion should reflect this. Second, your discussion will gain a lot of depth if you make sure to integrate into the body discussion the contrast you identify in the introduction between science and the romantic. You point out the scientific terminology in the first body paragraph. How do the elements of the second half of the poem correspond to the romantic? Picking up this thread will flesh out your thesis and also help the reader understand the overarching theme you've identified."

"The Irony and Imagery in Walt Whitman's "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer"." Kibin, 2023,

Poetic devices are techniques/elements such as rhyme, meter, and figurative language, as well as techniques like repetition, alliteration, and images used by poets to create a specific effect or mood in their poetry. These devices can include literary gery. Some common poetic devices include:

Hilda Doolittle, better known by her pen name H.D., wrote with a unique style that reflected much of what was happening in the world towards the end of WWII. The Collected Poems 1912-1944 tracks the development of H. D.'s work from her early imagist poems to her formidable civilian war poems in Trilogy. The book comes complete with textual notes and an introductory essay by Professor Louis L. Martz, allowing the reader to relate her life and surrounding events to her literary work.

In July 1838, Emerson was invited to address the graduating class at the Harvard Divinity School. In his speech, Emerson dismissed biblical miracles and claimed that while Jesus was a great man, he was not God. His comments created a firestorm; he was not invited back to the Divinity School for 30 years. He continued to express his ideas, including those about God, in lectures, essays and poems. 350c69d7ab


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