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Found only in Northern California's Clear Lake and its tributaries, the Clear Lake hitch isn't your average-sized minnow: It weighs in at almost a pound. Hitch migrate each spring, when adults make their way upstream in tributaries of Clear Lake to spawn before they return to the lake. Millions of hitch once clogged the lake's tributaries during spectacular spawning runs, and these biologically significant masses were a vital part of the lake's ecosystem, an important food source for numerous birds, other fish and wildlife. Hitch, or chi, were once so plentiful that they were a staple food for the Pomo tribes of the Clear Lake region.


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Clear Lake hitch have declined precipitously in abundance as the ecology of their namesake lake has been altered and degraded. By the time regular surveys of hitch spawning began, hitch abundance had plummeted one-hundred fold. Now only a few thousand hitch make the annual spawning run. The fish once spawned in every tributary to Clear Lake but now are able to spawn in significant numbers in only two streams in the Big Valley drainage south of Clear Lake, in Kelsey and Adobe creeks. Clear Lake hitch have declined due to loss of spawning habitat and nursery areas, migration barriers that block passage to spawning grounds, alteration of creek habitat, in-channel mining, temporary road-building through channels, water pumping, predation by and competition from introduced invasive fish, and the impacts of pollutants.

In 2012 the Center petitioned to protect Clear Lake hitch under both the federal Endangered Species Act and the California Endangered Species Act. In response to our state petition, California protected them as a threatened species in 2014.

Following a Center lawsuit, in spring 2022 the Service agreed to reconsider protecting Clear Lake hitch by Jan. 15, 2025. But the situation is dire. So in December 2022, we joined Pomo allies to urge Interior Secretary Debra Haaland and the Fish and Wildlife Service to protect Clear Lake hitch on an emergency basis.

BumpStep is a trailer hitch mounted bumper protector that defends your bumper against rear end accidents, dents and scratches. Given its 12" width, BumpStep can also be used as a step to reach the top roof of your vehicle. Read More Product Information

Introducing the injection molded WeatherTech BumpStep and yes, it is proudly made in America! It is the best step-bumper protector available, next to our Solid Aluminum Billet BumpStep. The BumpStep is injection molded out of a proprietary resin that is incredibly strong, yet has mechanical properties that allow it to flex when hit, taking the brunt of any impact. It designed to fit any vehicle with a standard 2" receiver hitch. The BumpStep measures 12" wide

Premier Manufacturing has been in business since 1924, designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality and safest tractor trailer components for the trucking industry. Our product line includes couplings / pintle hitches, drawbar eyes / lunette eyes, hinge assemblies, front end assemblies, dolly jacks and accessories.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty Warranty is expressly IN LIEU of any other express warranty and is further IN LIEU of any implied warranty, including, but not limited to, any implied WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE except as may otherwise be required by applicable Federal or State law at the time the hitch was manufactured.

Our patented Gooseneck surge air hitch & shift lock couplers are the preferred gooseneck airbag coupler for hot shot truckers. It cushions you towing experience & eliminates the tugs and jerks you feel when towing a gooseneck trailer. You can also order by Gooseneck Trailer Manufacture.

This REESE starter kit fits a 2 in. receiver hitch and has a 2 in. drop. It has a maximum towing capacity of 6,000 lbs. and includes a 2 in. Trailer Ball and Receiver Lock. Brought to you by REESE - Making the journey as enjoyable as the destination since 1952.

Whether you use your vehicle for work or play, CAPITAL HITCH has the parts you need to stand out from the crowd. We carry a large selection of trailer hitches and towing accessories in the North Florida area. We also sell and install a full line of truck and commercial vehicle accessories for your ride.

4. When your hitch ball is positioned under the trailer coupler, shift into PARK and apply your parking brake. On some vehicles, when you shift into PARK while in Hitch View, the parking brake will apply automatically. This keeps your vehicle from rolling forward or backward due to an incline or decline when you get out to hitch the trailer. 041b061a72


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