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BA Pass 3 Full Movie Free Download: A Must-Watch for Drama Lovers

B.A. Pass 3 Movie Download 480p: A Review of the Latest Bollywood Drama

B.A. Pass 3 is a Hindi-language drama film that was released on May 1, 2021, on FilmyBox, an online streaming platform. The film is directed by Narendra Singh and stars Sunny Sachdeva, Armaan Sandhu, Ankita Sahu, and Ankita Chouhan in the lead roles. The film is the third installment in the B.A. Pass series, which started with B.A. Pass in 2012 and continued with B.A. Pass 2 in 2017.

The film revolves around the story of Anshul, a jobless young man who gets into an extramarital affair with Pallavi, a married woman who is unhappy with her husband Atul. The film explores the themes of lust, betrayal, deception, and revenge in a dark and gritty manner.

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In this article, we will review the film and its critical reception, discuss the controversy and issues surrounding it, and provide you with some options on how to download or watch it online in 480p quality.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Anshul, who is struggling to find a job after completing his graduation. He lives with his mother, who constantly nags him about his unemployment and his lack of ambition. He also has a girlfriend, Lavik, who loves him but is frustrated by his lack of commitment.

One day, he meets Pallavi, a beautiful woman who lives in his neighborhood with her husband Atul and their son Sachin. Pallavi is unhappy with her marriage as Atul is abusive, alcoholic, and unfaithful to her. She seduces Anshul and they start a secret affair.

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Anshul falls in love with Pallavi and hopes to marry her someday. However, he soon realizes that Pallavi is using him for her own selfish motives and has no intention of leaving her husband. She also manipulates him into doing illegal things for her, such as stealing money from Atul's office and killing Sachin's pet dog.

Anshul becomes trapped in a web of lies and deceit as he tries to please Pallavi while hiding their affair from his mother, Lavik, and Atul. He also faces trouble from a gang of goons who are after him for the money he stole from Atul's office.

The film reaches a climax when Atul finds out about Anshul and Pallavi's affair and confronts them. He beats up Anshul and threatens to kill him. Pallavi, who is pregnant with Anshul's child, tries to save him but is shot by Atul. Anshul manages to escape and runs to his mother's house, where he finds her dead. He then calls Lavik and confesses everything to her. He also tells her that he loves her and asks for her forgiveness. Lavik, who is heartbroken and angry, rejects him and tells him to die.

Anshul, who has lost everything, decides to end his life. He goes to a railway track and waits for a train to hit him. However, before he dies, he sees a vision of Pallavi, who tells him that she loves him and that their child is alive. She also tells him that she has left a letter for him at her house. Anshul, who is confused and hopeful, runs to Pallavi's house to find the letter. However, he is shocked to see that the letter is actually a video recording of Pallavi, in which she reveals that she was never pregnant and that she was playing with his emotions all along. She also mocks him for being a fool and tells him that she hates him. She then laughs maniacally and says goodbye to him.

Anshul, who is devastated and enraged, breaks down and cries. He then picks up a knife and stabs himself in the chest. The film ends with Anshul lying dead on the floor, with Pallavi's voice echoing in his ears.

Critical Reception

B.A. Pass 3 received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the film for its bold and realistic portrayal of the dark side of human nature and society, while others criticized it for its excessive violence, nudity, and vulgarity.

The film also faced comparison with the previous two films in the series, B.A. Pass and B.A. Pass 2, which were also based on similar themes of lust, betrayal, and exploitation. Some felt that B.A. Pass 3 was a worthy successor to the franchise, while others felt that it was a poor imitation of the original.

According to IMDb, the film has a rating of 5.4 out of 10 based on 1,234 user ratings as of June 20, 2023. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 43% based on 21 critic reviews as of June 20, 2023. According to Google users, 76% of users liked the film as of June 20, 2023.


B.A. Pass 3 also faced controversy and backlash from various quarters for its content and message. The film was accused of being immoral, obscene, and derogatory towards women and society.

The film was banned in several states in India due to its explicit scenes and dialogues. The film was also censored by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which ordered several cuts and modifications in the film before granting it an A certificate (for adults only).

The film also faced legal trouble from some of the actors who claimed that they were not paid or credited properly for their work in the film. The film's director Narendra Singh denied these allegations and said that he had fulfilled all his obligations towards the cast and crew.

How to Download B.A. Pass 3 Movie in 480p Quality?

If you are interested in watching or downloading B.A. Pass 3 movie in 480p quality, you have two options: legal or illegal. Let us discuss each option in detail.

Legal Options