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Discover the Secrets of the Angel Sword in this 3D RPG APK

Description : Angel Sword 3D RPG - Multiplayer RPG with excellent 3D graphics and great freedom in your actions. In the game we will talk about the outbreak of civil wars among the immortal angels. Here you play the role of the hero is not an ordinary rake all that Celestial have done, and one of the owners is a very robust pair of wings. With them you can fly and climb inaccessible in many places. Fight with the monsters and other undead, organize battles with your former companion, feel Seraphim. Features : * Fully customize your character with unique details * Own pets fighting in the fight at your side * A variety of weapons, armor and items to choose from * Detailed side quests and challenging bosses that must be defeated * Advanced combat system with deadly melee combos, multiple ranged weapons and powerful magic attacks * Real day and night. real game cycle of day and night based on a 24-hour time system.

angel sword 3d rpg apk

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In the game, you will play the role of an angel, although you can choose to carry the physical traits of the dark devil. The customization options for your character, though not many, are varied enough for a character that looks interesting.

Angel Sword: 3D RPG - a large-scale role-playing video game, the events of which unfold in a magical world. The supporters of Darkness stole an ancient legendary sword of justice, bringing in the Kingdom of the real chaos began. The player will have to create a unique character with the help of a well-thought-out customization system. Go after the opponents. Destroy all enemy units and return the stolen artifact. In the process of passing improve the magic and combat skills of the main character. Learn new spells and combine them to increase the power of damage. Buy weapons and various potions.


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