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Kasim Flowers

The Benefits of Nan Jay Barchowsky PDF 17 for Students and Professionals

BFH says:

nan jay barchowsky pdf 17

  • Using a finger is more natural.

  • The fingers are closer together than in other writing systems.

  • There are more letters per page.

  • You can write longer words because you know your space constraints. While using a finger is more natural, there is still much to learn and a lot to be taught. Both style-school and Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting insist on taking advantage of what you already know.

  • Children can still be taught by adults, for example, the "children" of the son of the BFH co-founder.

  • After learning to type with an italicized keyboard, children learn much faster to write with a finger because the finger is more nimble and there are fewer mistakes made in a shorter amount of time.

  • The method is fun and children enjoy the challenge and growing ability.

  • You can teach the children in the home (or business place) with the right equipment, for example, you can teach your children in a business.

  • The method is inherently learning-disabled free (though the arrows of the Logo alphabet have the potential to be confusing for some children).

  • A word of advice: take as long as you need to teach your child to write, and in the same spirit, take as long as you need to acquire the skill of seeing the changes in the child. But regardless of how long it takes, be patient and dont feel it is schoolwork.

  • Remember that children begin to see how people write and read when they are very young. This is the beginning of the most important learning skill, which is the ability to read and write.

  • By the same token, one day when you are teaching your children (or your students), remember that your children/students are different from you, and learn how your teaching method might need to change when they grow up.


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