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Kasim Flowers
Kasim Flowers

The Staple Singers-Vintage Staples Free

TONIGHT! We are honored to be at the Mother Church @theryman celebrating the 80th birthday of our Queen @mavisstaples along with a few of her special friends. It's gonna be a night for the books. Click our bio link for tickets! #theresnoonelikemavis #livinglegend

The Staple Singers-Vintage Staples

Tonight we celebrate @mavisstaples 80th birthday at @theryman with a whole slew of friends. The show is put on by @newportfolkfest to raise money for their important music education work. We couldn't be more excited and honored to be a part of it. For the full video of us and Mavis announcing @americanafest awards nominees, find the long form video on our Instagram (the post before this) or their post on Facebook!

@mavisstaples is an eternal flame in a word of darkness... It was an honor to sing at her 80th birthday party at @theryman last night a mere 9 days from my estimated due date ? #willthecirclebeunbroken

For me, Pops is the patron Saint of guitar players. He was an American gospel and R&B musician. A "pivotal figure in gospel in the 1960s and 1970s, "songwriter, guitarist, and singer his voice resonates with a tender and gentle soulfulness. He was the patriarch and member of the singing group The Staple Singers, which included his son Pervis and daughters Mavis, Yvonne, and Cleotha. With encouragement from Martin Luther King Jr., the staple singers wrote some of the most beautiful civil rights anthems in the 1960s. His daughter Mavis summed up her father's words of encouragement to her on being an Artist quite well saying, "simply sing and do it with all your heart and you'll be all right" Mavis Staples was gifted this icon for her 80th birthday :) 041b061a72


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