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Encore received generally positive reviews from critics, but received more of a negative response compared to his past three albums.[16] At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 64, based on 26 reviews.[6] Josh Love from Stylus Magazine felt Eminem was "dying" with this album, whose concept was "end-to-end mea culpa", full of "clarifications, rectifications and excuses", revising the history of "a man who knows he doesn't have much time left".[17] Scott Plangenhoef, writing for Pitchfork Media called Encore a "transitional record" and "the sound of a man who seems bored of re-branding and playing celebrity games".[11] BBC Music's Adam Webb believed it starts "fantastically" but ends "abominably", writing that it has too many "low points".[18] David Browne from Entertainment Weekly said Eminem "sacrifices the rich, multi-textured productions" of his two previous albums for "thug-life monotony, cultural zingers for petty music-biz score-settling, and probing self-analysis for juvenile humor". He concluded his review by saying that Eminem has become "predictable" on Encore, something that he wasn't before.[8]

Eminem Get The Guns Full Album Zip


Encore was pushed up to a midweek release to combat leaks. Regardless, it sold 710,000 copies with only three days of sales.[25] The following week, the album's first with a full seven days, it moved 871,000 copies, bringing the 10 day total to 1,582,000.[26] It was certified quadruple-platinum that mid-December.[27] Nine months after its release, worldwide sales of the album stood at 11 million copies.[28] The album made digital history in becoming the first album to sell 10,000 digital copies in one week.[29] As of November 2013, the album had sold 5,343,000 copies in the US.[30]


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