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Descriptive Essay Topics For Ib Acio Exam !FREE!

IB ACIO exam is conducted in three tiers. The three tiers are conditionally structured, and each covers certain portions of the syllabus. Tier I has MCQ questions from general awareness, quantitative aptitude, general studies, reasoning & logical ability, and English language; tier II has the descriptive essay topics of IB ACIO. Tier III is a personal interview.

descriptive essay topics for ib acio exam

While attempting any descriptive essay topics in the IB ACIO exam, there should be a proper organisation. The reader should get the actual idea and depth of the essay from the start. Besides, the essay should be engaging. Usage of appropriate terms is a must. Here is a description of the essay writing pattern:

The time allotted for this paper is 60 minutes. This paper has a very common pattern and what you need to do is to practice on some selected essay and letter topics along with precis to crack the exam finally.

This book is highly recommended to ECGC PO Descriptive Exam aspirants who want a series of essay topics for Practice. All expected essay topics with 100+ expected essays are covered in this book. This book includes 100+ essay topics as per the Exam. You must prepare from it.The Descriptive Test of ECGC PO 2021 will include 2 topics, namely1) Precis writing2) Essay writingThe total marks designated for ECGC PO Descriptive Test is 40 and you will be given 40 minutes of time to complete this test. Only Precis writing and Essay writing would be asked in the test.

These two questions will carry a total of 40 marks, and you will have 40 minutes to attempt these two sections. There will not be any sectional time limit in the exam. All selected candidates for descriptive exam will have to attempt two questions based on Essay writing and precise writing in 40 minutes together.

1) As it is already discussed that the descriptive writing can be the game-changer in ECGC Po Descriptive exam. Those candidates who have a good hold on the writing skills or on the English language section can surely do wonders in this test section.

4) Likewise, just good writing skills are no good if you are not able to think of innovative and relevant points for the given descriptive topic. Check out some important tips below to score well in the essay writing section of ECGC PO Descriptive Exam

6) Try to write about the topic in your own words within the limit prescribed in your exam.After writing the Essay, you can look for more essays on the topic you have chosen for yourself to get more ideas on the same and note down the important key points.

This English Essay book pdf gives detailed knowledge on how to write an essay, letter, and precis with example topics. There are also exercises to help you to what you learned through questions that test your knowledge.

IB ACIO Syllabus 2022 for tier 2 exam has Essay Writing and English Comprehension & Précis Writing. The purpose of this tier 2 exam is to test the writing abilities and comprehension skills of the applicant. The candidate would be required to complete essay writing in a time span of 1 hour.

Tier II: Selected candidates in Tier 1 exam have to give tier 2 exam, which has essay writing and comprehension for 50 marks. Based on the performance of the candidates in Tier 1 and 2, MHA will publish short list for the final interview.


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