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Can I Buy My Own Dvr For Spectrum

just worked with the Spectrum201-H and Spectrum101 boxes today and got zero luck via IR driver that i built while testing boxes; got it to power on and off for about 2 minutes then lost all functionality via IR...can anyone else confirm this? C4 tech support has mentioned a few calls have come in with this lately and spectrum will only be supplying these boxes on new installs.

can i buy my own dvr for spectrum

ok carlo thank you. I have some channels up, but im not getting my local network channels. Im only getting a small streaming package from spectrum for mostly the network channels. I am not going through the channels dvr section as i see i can enable networks anywhere. Im going to continue to learn this & will update. Thank you very much for your help & being patient with me. Thanks again.

@cayars so i have played around with emby live tv & cdvr. I like it. Today I am going to test out emby dvr & see how it works,. I use playon to record, but quality is only 720p & it only records when the shopws appear in the on demand folder, which sucks. My only issue when I edit the channels that I dont want in pluto on cdvr, they still appear in emby guide. No issue with spectrum, that works great & picture quality is really good. I have not found a way to edit channels in emby so im assuming thats not an option at the moment. Is it possible to change the icon for live tv since it doesnt match the dynamic icons for movies, tv, etc: 041b061a72


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